9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot A Napoleonic Re-enactment Unit
9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot A Napoleonic Re-enactment Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

You are very welcome to join us at any time. However, it is recommended that you join us at an event as a guest member. That way you can meet us, experience what the 9th has to offer and then decide if the Regiment is the right one for you. 

What kit do I need?


As a new member The Regiment has a range of depot kit you can borrow to help get you started. There is an expectation that you will eventually purchase your own kit.The Regiment is happy to guide you in the direction of some trusted suppliers of uniforms and

What do I need to be able to fire a musket?

You will need to make an application to your Police Constabulary firearms department for shotgun and black powder licences. Once you have successfully passed all the necessary checks and a certificate is granted, you will be required to complete a safety and competency test before you can live-fire. Some individuals do not to live-fire, yet form part of the firing line with de-activated muskets.

How much does it all cost?

Membership is just £10 per person, per year! In these difficult economic times the Regiment recognises that purchasing all your kit at once can be expensive, therefore, you can build up your kit as your budget allows. 


How much do I need to know about the history of the period?

You are welcome to join us with even the most basic knowledge of the Napoleonic era. However, since members of  Regiment are engaging with the public and offering a living history experience, the Regiment would expect you to develop your historical knowledge and experience to share with others. Our existing members offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.

How much time do I need to commit?

It’s your hobby and your choice as to you how many events you wish to attend. It would be great to see you at every event!

What type of events do you do?

We attend a range of events from Napoleonic Association organised battles and living history events to our own smaller living history events. Please see the events page for more information.


The 9th will be at the Kings Lynn Re-enactment and Artisans Fair on the 2nd and 3rd of December. Why not come along and meet us?  If you are interested in joining the Regiment please look at our FAQs page and email the 9th at info@9theastnorfolk.co.uk. 





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