9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot A Napoleonic Re-enactment Unit
9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot A Napoleonic Re-enactment Unit

About Us

Thank you for your interest in the 9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot.  The Regiment depicts the Grenadier company of one of Wellington’s heavy infantry regiments at home and overseas. The Regiment seeks to create an insight into this distinguished Regiment through living history and battle re-enactment and endeavours to achieve a high degree of realism in both these fields.  


The Regiment aims to re-create the life of the regiment during the turbulent years of the Napoleonic Wars (1808-1815) and participate in events throughout the UK and abroad. The Regiment has attended bicentennials at Buenes Ayres, Rolica, Vimiero, Walcheren, Almeida, Busaco, Vittoria and Waterloo. Additionally members have travelled to events in Canada, Malta, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.


The Regiment belongs to the Napoleonic Association (NA) which is an umbrella organisation that coordinates Napoleonic re-enactment in this country.  This enables hundreds of participants to take part in events.  We attend most NA events and our own privately organised ones.  The unit has a season from April to September with occasional meetings in the closed season. The East Norfolk Militia helped to guard the prisoners of war at Normans Cross, so it is a pleasure to participate in living history events in Peterborough and the surrounding area.


At the end of each season members of the Regiment dress up and wind down at our AGM and party which is held on the nearest weekend to Trafalgar Day.


The Regiment welcomes men, women, and families. So why not join us and forget about this century in an authentic and fun living history camp with our great fireside cooking!


Come and try out a weekend re-enacting with us - depot kit will be loaned to you to you get fully involved straight away. This will give you plenty of time to sample the hobby before committing yourself to purchasing you own uniform and equipment.


The 9th will be at the Kings Lynn Re-enactment and Artisans Fair on the 2nd and 3rd of December. Why not come along and meet us?  If you are interested in joining the Regiment please look at our FAQs page and email the 9th at info@9theastnorfolk.co.uk. 





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