9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot A Napoleonic Re-enactment Unit
9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot A Napoleonic Re-enactment Unit




All men of Stout Heart and Patriotic Nature!
His Britannic Majestie’s

Regiment of Foot

(The East Norfolks)

Requires recruits to swell its ranks to prevent the Upstart Bonaparte and his French hoardes from invading these shores.

Accept the Kings Shilling and be recruited into a Foot regiment that is renowned for its Bravery, its Discipline, and its Manly Bearing both on and off the field of battle!


God Save the King!


See Events Page for 2017 Events.


The 9th is recruiting. If you are interested in joining the Regiment please look at our FAQs page and email our Unit Commander on martyn.monks@btinternet.com


Our Unit Commander, Martyn Monks, has purchased from the United States an Officers Mess vegetable dish. The markings indicate that it was made before 1825 and so it could have been left behind when the Regiment left Canada in 1815. The dish was damaged and is now being repaired. Photographs of the Dish are now in "Photographs". 


Recruiting Now


If you are interested in joining the 9th please contact our Unit Commander, Martyn Monks, at martyn.monks@btinternet.com 

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